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Cartagena, Friday, 01 April 2022

Cartagena at Expo Dubai: this was the presentation of the destination as a focus of investment

Invest In Cartagena, the investment agency of the department of Bolivar, announced that the capital of the department took over the Colombian pavilion at Expo Dubai to “show itself as a world-class destination, publicizing its competitive advantages and attracting projects that encourage competitiveness, economic sustainability and social status of the territory”.

The event, considered the most important commercial showcase in the world, has received more than 1,400,000 visits to the country's pavilion. “Cartagena had two exclusive days in which the potential of investing in the city was presented to investment funds from various countries. Cartagena's participation also coincided with the country's vision of strengthening its tourism sector, highlighting, in addition, its position as an industrial, export and commercial hub,” the agency specified.

Likewise, the advantages of sectors such as plastic petrochemical, metalworking, port logistics, agro-industrial, construction, tourism and renewable energy sectors in the city were shown. This is how the agency's executive director, María Camila Salas, held meetings where, according to Invest In Cartagena, “there was great interest in investing especially in renewable energy, health, innovation, sustainability, technological services and AgriTech - technology at the service of the field - as the United Arab Emirates is a pioneer in these areas ”.

The agency also specified that this management is part of the Cartagena, Investment Destination program, an alliance with the District under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance and Invest in Cartagena, which, in addition, will be part of Mayor William Dau Chamat's Development Plan “to position and strengthen the Bolivian capital in the sector tourism and business, through actions that promote the improvement of the business climate”.

“Our goal is for quality investors from different parts of the world to focus their eyes on the opportunities offered by Cartagena to invest, that we make ourselves known beyond tourism, since we have other strong areas such as industry and our geographical location that facilitates this great potential. connectivity. Attracting investors opens up the possibilities for more and better job opportunities, for a favourable dynamization of the economy for all,” said Diana Villalba Vallejo, Secretary of Finance.

During the administration in Dubai, agendas were also developed with the country's investment agencies such as the International Holding Company (IHC), which has investments in more than 300 companies in the health, agriculture, tourism, IT services, renewable energy, real estate and manufacturing sectors.

This company was presented with the mega-projects prioritized by the Mayor's Office of Cartagena such as the Theme Park, Storm Drainage System, the Solar Power Plant, the Waste Treatment Plant and the Canal Dique megaproject.

The city was also a participant in the Global Business Forum (GBF), which “seeks to forge synergies to expand the scope of international cooperation between companies in the United Arab Emirates and Latin America, opening spaces with investment funds, leaders and innovative organizations that seek to redefine the bilateral market,” said Invest in Cartagena.

With the results obtained, the agency hopes that Colombia will continue negotiations with the United Arab Emirates in a free trade agreement that aims to open up “new opportunities for investment and exports”. Similarly, a mission is planned for the country before the end of the first half of the year.

This article was taken from Infobae: https://bit.ly/3iYwUA5